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David Moody, Attorney at Law

David Moody is an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer  

He has practiced law in Lubbock, Texas for 18 years.  He has appeared before courts, judges, and juries in every court in Lubbock.  Those courts include:


  1. Federal District Court
  2. State District Court
  3. County Courts at Law
  4. County Court
  5. Municipal Court

 He has represented clients charged with:


  1. Felonies
  2. Misdemeanors
  3. Traffic Offenses 


Clients benefit from this extensive experience in the courtroom.  But, the fact is that most of the work of a criminal defense lawyer is behind the scenes, and it starts with the first interview with the client.  At that time, David Moody learns the facts of the case from the point of view of the person accused of a crime. 


After that first interview, David Moody will make an appearance for the client in the court.  He will then obtain information about the case from the District Attorney and carefully review that information.

Often, David Moody will contact witnesses in the case and then consult with the client again about information he has found.

Only then can the client and David Moody decide what to do.  This will result in many cases with Moody speaking with the Assistant District Attorney about a plea bargain.  If no plea bargain is possible, the result may be jury trial.

David Moody is always prepared to challenge the arrest and any evidence collected in violation of the client’s constitutional rights.  This requires special skill and diligence, and often helps the client.

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