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Criminal Law

It is traumatic to be arrested and charged with a crime. If you are arrested, you need a tough lawyer – fast.

I will work to get you out of jail immediately.  I will work for you.

If your bond is too high, I will work to reduce it.

If you are in jail in another town on a Lubbock or west Texas case, I can help you.


Fighting the Search

You are wondering if the police had the right to stop you and search you. You may be wondering what has to be proved to convict you of a crime. You may be interested to know various options available to you when charged with a crime.

You probably know that the police do not always act properly when entering a person’s house or car, and searching the people inside. You may know that when there is an illegal search, the evidence found probably cannot be used at trial. Without evidence, there can be no conviction of a crime.

Decisive Action

David Moody will quickly investigate the facts of your case and take decisive action for you.  When your son or daughter is in trouble in a juvenile matter, he will quickly visit with the case officer and attempt to resolve the matter without harsh consequences for your child.  

Crimes that David Moody defends against include assault, domestic assault, burglary, robbery, traffic crimes, Federal Crimes, State Crimes, drug crimes, financial crimes, sexual crimes, fraud, alcohol crimes, driving while intoxicated and under the influence crimes. 

David Moody has years of criminal defense experience. He has appeared in courts all over West Texas. He will help you with all phases of your criminal case, including discovering the evidence in the case, negotiating with the prosecutor, and conducting a jury trial.

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