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Probate & Inheritance Law

You and your family will probably deal with an inheritance. Just when you are mourning the loss of a loved one, you have to face financial issues left behind.  People can to steal your inheritance.

Many people will die without a will. Then, the complicated laws of probate will decide how the inheritance is given out.

Some people die leaving money, property, and several related people interested in owning it. Deciding who has the right to own the deceased person’s stuff takes experience and legal know how.

Will Contests

Special legal skills are needed to successfully try a "will contest."  Many times a person who dies makes a will and tells a son or daughter about the will.  Then that person makes another will and gives it to another son or daughter.  This creates a "will contest" if the wills are different.  

As you can imagine, such a situation can cause huge conflicts within families.  David Moody has the skills to help you stay calm as you wrestle with the emotional issues that arise when the court decides which will should be probated.

Poor Financial Management

Many times a person dies and leaves money in trust for the heirs. That money must be cared for properly. If you believe the money has not been taken care of, David Moody can help you recover money damages for that poor financial management of your money.

Abandoned Property

If you live near a farm or home that is abandoned, please call.  There may be an estate problem we can solve together to enable you to own that property.

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