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Drunk Drivers
When a drunk driver is involved in causing an accident, there is potential to recover not only actual damages for the loss suffered but also punitive damages to punish the offending driver. In Texas, there are generally limits on punitive damages that are calculated at two-times economic damages plus one-time non-economic damages; however, in cases of drunk drivers that limit does not apply.The drunk driver’s insurance policy will generally cover punitive damages. We will help you recover actual and punitive damages in drunken driving cases.Sometimes we can discover helpful information about the drunk driver from social networking sites. We can check the background and driving record of a driver to see whether their conduct involves a pattern of bad behavior. In some cases, the server of alcohol can be liable for a drunk driver’s conduct. These are known as “dram shop” cases. If a commercial seller of alcohol serves someone who is obviously intoxicated, then they can be liable. Generally, there is no social host liability in Texas, that is, there has to be a commercial sale of alcohol for there to be a liability.  Lubbock has many drunk drivers.
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