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Truck Wrecks
Trucking companies and truck drivers are regulated under Department of Transportation Regulations. In many truck wreck cases we also discover that truck drivers have falsified their log books in order to operate outside the maximum hours of service allowed under DOT Regulations. These are very important cases. Trucking companies sometimes create incentive programs that actually give their drivers an incentive to break the law, operating faster or for more hours than are allowed by law. In many cases, the trucks have service violations such as brakes that are out of adjustment. Many trucks now have GPS devices that record movement of the trucks, so that we can compare the truck’s movements to the log books. We can sometimes also determine the speed of the truck from this GPS information. Professional truck drivers are held to a higher standard than a driver of an ordinary vehicle. Our experts can use the DOT Regulations and commercial driver standards to help establish the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies.
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